Ordering Freezer Beef

Offering Wholes, Halves, and Quarters

How It Works From Start to Finish

Only Choice Grade

All of our cattle are raised on open pasture with plenty of grass and fed a complete mixed ration formulated to meet all of their dietary needs. 

Because we never use growth hormones, each calf will reach choice grade in their own time. 

Our calves typically weigh 1200-1400 pounds when finished and yield ~62% of their live weight in pre-cut hanging weight. 

So if you purchase half of a 1200 lb. calf, you will get approximately 375 lbs. of hanging weight.


Placing Your Order

We do not sell individual pieces of meat.  We only sell whole animals, halves, or quarters.

Once you are ready to place your order, we will need a down payment.  Then, before the animal leaves the farm, the balance will need to be paidalong with a small hauling fee.

Please call or email Don for more information on purchasing quality freezer beef or to request an order form.

At current prices half of a 1200 lb. beef calf will cost $870.00 plus $25.00 hauling.

Harvesting Your Beef

When the animal is ready to be harvested, we will transport the calf to a local custom processor. Based on your specifications, your meat will be dry aged, cut, and vacuum packaged for optimal freshness.  

The processor will then charge you (approx) $.58 cents per pound hanging weight for cutting and wrapping.

If you purchase half of a 1200 lb. calf, processing will cost you approximately $217.50.

Ordering Freezer Beef. To Summarize...

If you purchase half of a 1200 pound calf. Once harvested the calf will hang approximately 375 plus of meat. At current prices that half of beef will cost you $870.00 plus $25.00 hauling. Once we deliver the calf to the butcher, they will charge you (approx) $.58 cents per pound hanging weight for cutting and wrapping your meat. This will cost you approximately $217.50.

So this hypothetical half-a-beef will cost you approximately $4.45 per pound in your freezer. In other words, you are getting your steaks for the same price as what you pay for grocery store hamburger.

Plus, you are getting a locally grown, great tasting product.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

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