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gardner BEEF

What Our Cows Eat

Cattle at gardner BEEF are raised on open pasture with plenty of grass and fed a complete mixed ration formulated to meet all of their dietary needs.

How to Order Beef

We sell calves by the whole, halves, or quarters. Each purchase is then custom cut to your specifications, dry aged, and vacuum packed.


Farming for over 45 years, our operation consists of over 1,100 acres of crop, hay, and grazing land.

Humanly raised on open pasture

Never given growth hormones or enhancers

Raising cattle for excellent eating and taste

Family owned and operated

Big Picture

Our mission is to raise quality beef. We strive to provide the best animal care, maintain excellent land stewardship practices, and ensure competitive prices.


Our goal is not just to sell you beef, but to be your source of high quality beef for years to come. We value your business and hope you will consider us “your farmer.”


We believe in long term sustainable growth. We have previously partnered with NRCS to increase our grazing acreage and sorting, loading, and housing facilities.


Knowing first hand the challenges facing American farmers and agriculture, our family is active on many local and state farming association boards and committees.

About Us

Gardner Beef is a part of Gardner Heifers Inc. , a family cattle raising business composed of veterinarians.

Drs. Don and Susan Gardner, and sons Sam and Andy Gardner and their families.

Sam is the general manager. Sam grew up on the farm then graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in dairy science and fisheries science.

Andy also grew up feeding cattle before graduating from Emery Riddle Aeronautical University. As a corporate pilot, he works away 6 months out of the year and farms and builds fence the other six.   

Gardner Farm was started in 1972 and has been raising cattle for over 45 years. Located in Bedford County, Virginia, we are about 15 minutes southwest of Lynchburg Virginia and 40 minutes east of Roanoke Virginia.

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